Names Description
Host name
Default Shell                              Bash
User Home /mnt/home/your_group/your_username
Login Node ln1/ln2



Command Description
module avail List all the modules
module load <module_name> Load the listed modules
module unload <module_name> Unload the listed module



Compiler Path Description
gcc-5.2.0 /mnt/csoft/compilers/gcc-5.2.0 GNU Compiler collection
gcc-8.2.0 /mnt/csoft/compilers/gcc-8.2.0 GNU Compiler collection
cmake-3.15.4          /mnt/csoft/compilers/cmake-3.15.4 A project building framework
Intel cluster studio(2019.5) /mnt/csoft/compilers/intel-2019-5 High performing suite of compilers
mpich-3.3.1 /mnt/csoft/compilers/mpich-3.3.1 Message Passing Interface library
openmpi-3.1.2_gnu /mnt/csoft/compilers/openmpi-3.1.2-mlx Message Passing Interface library
openmpi-3.1.2_gnu_old /mnt/csoft/compilers/ompiold/openmpi-3.1.2-mlx Message Passing Interface library
platform_mpi-9.1.4 /mnt/csoft/compilers/platform_mpi-9.1.4 Message Passing Interface library
qmake-4.8.7 /mnt/csoft/compilers/qmake-4.8.7 Auto Utility to automates the generation of makefiles



Names Path Description
atlas-3.10.2 /mnt/csoft/libraries/atlas-3.10.2 Linear Algebra Library
cblas-3.8 /mnt/csoft/libraries/CBLAS-3.8 Linear Algebra Library
cfitsio-3.450                                           /mnt/csoft/libraries/cfitsio-3.450     Routines for reading and writing FITS (Flexible Image Transport System)
fftw-2.1.5                                           /mnt/csoft/libraries/fftw-2.1.5     Library for Fastest Fourier Transform
fftw-3.3.8 /mnt/csoft/libraries/fftw-3.3.8 Library for Fastest Fourier Transform
gsl-2.6 /mnt/csoft/libraries/gsl-2.6 GNU Scientific Library
hdf5-1.8.18 /mnt/csoft/libraries/hdf5-1.8.18 HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) libraries
healpix-3.50 /mnt/csoft/libraries/healpix-3.50 Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelation of a sphere
lapack-3.8.0 /mnt/csoft/libraries/lapack-3.8.0 Numerical Linear Algebra libraries
libjpeg-9c /mnt/csoft/libraries/libjpeg-turbo Library for handling JPEG image data format
libpng-1.6.37 /mnt/csoft/libraries/libpng-1.6.37 PNG file format library
numactl-2.0.13 /mnt/csoft/libraries/numactl Utility to control NUMA policy for processes or shared memory
openssl-1.1.1d /mnt/csoft/libraries/openssl Library for secure communications over network

Application Tools

Name Path Description
anaconda2 /mnt/csoft/tools/anaconda2 Python and R programming languages
anaconda3 /mnt/csoft/tools/anaconda3 Python and R programming languages
cuda9.2 /usr/bin Parallel computing platform and application programming interface
GMRT_utilities /mnt/csoft/tools/GMRT_utilities GMRT_utilities
hwloc-2.1.0 /mnt/csoft/tools/hwloc Command line tools and C API to obtain the hierarchical map of key computing elements


Generic library support script
matlab-2019b /mnt/csoft/tools/matlab-2019b Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment
papi-5.7.0 /mnt/csoft/tools/papi Portable interface to hardware performance counters
PGPLOT /mnt/csoft/tools/pgplot Plotting program
Mathematica_12.0 Installed on graphics1( Technical computing system