Names Description
Host name
Default Shell                              Bash
User Home /data1/home/your_username
Login Node ln2


System Software

Names Description
Workload and
Resource Management
Scheduler and Queuing
User Environment Control HP Environment Modules


Basic Compilers

Compiler Path
GNU Compiler collection /opt/soft/bin
Intel MPI - Intel Cluster         
OpenMPI /opt/soft/bin
Platform MPI /opt/platform_mpi
mvapich-1.2.0 /usr/mpi/gcc/mvapich-1.2.0/
java /usr/bin/java


Extra Libraries

Names Path Description
GNU Scientific Library          /opt/soft/lib                   A collection of mathematical and scientific functions
Fastest Fourier Transform /opt/soft/lib Functions for a very fast implementation of FFT

Application Software

Name Path Description
Matlab                                           /usr/local/bin/matlab                                                                               
Mathematica                                           /usr/local/bin/mathematica                                                                               
IDL /usr/local/bin/idl  

Other miscellaneous packages

Name Path Description
ATLAS atlas3.10.1 with BLAS /opt/soft/lib Linear Algebra Library
cfitsio /opt/soft/lib Routines for reading and writing FITS (Flexible Image Transport System)
cmake- /opt/soft/bin A project building framework
dejagnu-1.5 /opt/soft/bin Testing framework
doxygen-1.8.6 /opt/soft/bin Documentation generator
Eigen 3.2.0



Linear Algebra C++ templates
freetype-2.5.2 /opt/soft/lib Font library
glibc-2.12.1 /opt/soft/lib GNU C Library
gmp-5.1.3 /opt/soft/lib GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
GraphicsMagick-1.3.19 /opt/soft/lib Graphics Library
hdf-4.2.9 /opt/soft/lib HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) libraries
hdf5-1.8.12 /opt/soft/lib HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) libraries
ImageMagick-6.8.8-1 /opt/soft/lib Graphics Library
lapack-3.5.0 /opt/soft/lib Linear Algebra libraries
libpng-1.6.8 /opt/soft/lib PNG file format library
libxml2-2.9.1 /opt/soft/lib XML C parser
mpc-1.0 /opt/soft/lib Multi Precision libraries
mpfr-3.1.2 /opt/soft/lib C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with correct rounding
netcdf-4.3.0 /opt/soft/lib

Software libraries and self-describing, machine-independent data formats

that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data.

opendx-4.4.4 /opt/soft/src/opendx-4.4.4/dx-4.4.4 3D visualization package
pgplot 5.2.2 /opt/soft/src/pgplot_compilation_directory Plotting program
plplot-5.9.11 /opt/soft/lib Plotting program
Python-2.7 /opt/soft/bin Programming Language
Python-3.3.3 /opt/soft/bin Programming Language
SuperMongo /opt/soft/sm/sm/bin/sm Plotting tool
SuiteSparse-4.2.1 /opt/soft/lib Sparse Matrix Libraries
tcl8.6.1 /opt/soft/lib/tcl8.6 Tool Command Language


and /opt/soft/lib

A GUI with tools and libraries
zlib-1.2.8 /opt/soft/lib and /opt/soft/include A compression library